March Pin は高いポケットに長くいられるようなサーフィンをしたいという願いから生まれたボードで、小さめのグライダーを思わせます。

Designed with longstanding team rider Lachlan Leckie of The Salty Merchants, The Merchpin was born from a desire to surf fast, loose and critical, staying high and tight in the pocket on a longer board. More suited to waves with some juice, The Merchpin has a tucked in nose with the wide point just forward of centre with a pulled in a semi-pin tail reminiscent of a scaled down glider. The bottom is setup with a soft rolled nose entry to gentle panel Vee combined with the balanced rocker and low tucked rail keeps to keep this board super lively and responsive. It’s a log that allows for fluid surfing feeling much more like a mid-length than a board over 9ft yet allows for critical nose rides in tight sections and generates wild speed down the line. Available from 8’6-10′.