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deadkooks デッドクークスサーフボード

Ying Yangは、ここ数年Aphexに費やした数え切れない時間の中で生まれた。パドルパワー、スピード、フローを保つためにフォームの量を多くし、ショートボードでどこへ行くにも快適なものを作りたかった。そこで生まれたのがYing Yangだ。

The Ying Yang has come about through countless hours spent on the Aphex over the last couple of years. Wanting to keep a generous amount of foam for paddle-power, speed and flow, but come up with something that would be comfortable being put wherever your shortboard would go. Hence, the Ying Yang was born. Think of it as the younger, over-caffeinated sibling to the Aphex. An excitable puppy. A lower and shorter rail line pulls everything in a bit tighter and adding sensitivity, allowing for more critical surfing while still preserving the forgiving nature of the Aphex. At home in a wide range of conditions, it will carry speed well over fat sections but project in any direction your ability will allow when there’s some wall to work with. Generally ridden from 6’2 - 6’7, but can be built longer upon request.

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